Namibian maasbanker now in a can

Walvis Bay – Etosha Fishing Corporation have introduced a new and truly Namibian product named Efuta Maasbanker, which is horse mackerel in a can, offered in three flavours namely chilli sauce, tomato sauce and brine.

The new Efuta Maasbanker cans are “dressed” in the colours of the traditional native cloth, the Ondhelela, which served as inspiration for the product’s proud Namibian stance. The brightly coloured cans will be available at all Shoprite Namibia outlets during December 2013.

In his address Etosha Fishing’s Board Chairperson Johnny Nekwaya noted that adding horse mackerel to its product range would go a long way in the company’s efforts to ensure a more sustainable business operation with secure, long term employment for more Namibians.

This venture comes against the backdrop of the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources’ repeated appeals for employment creation and value addition in this sector.
In his address, the Honourable Minister Bernard Esau noted that the horse mackerel industry is one of the most valuable fisheries in Namibia as it is the second largest economic contributor in terms of the fishing sector.

“Apart from being a major economic contributor, horse-mackerel is the most commonly consumed fish species in the country. We can see the importance of horse-mackerel to our nation and how vital it is to manage it properly. Thus we need to ensure the responsible and sustainable utilisation of the resource itself. Without the horse mackerel fishery, the fishing industry and its benefits to Namibians will be compromised,” said the Minister.

Nutritional experts around the world agree on the importance of horse mackerel as a food product that is high in proteins and poly-unsaturated fats, which are an essential part of creating a well balanced, complete diet and promoting a healthy life style.
Horse mackerel is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to decrease the level of cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also important during brain development in young children, assisting concentration levels. The bone of the horse mackerel, which is softened through the cooking process, is also a good source of calcium and promotes the development of healthy bones and teeth in young children.

Etosha Fishing Corporation is proud to introduce this new nutritious and affordable product. With a stamp of quality assurance the product boasts a 36 month shelf-life. It is locally produced and is a sustainable food source.


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