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Etosha Fishing is the proud Namibian home of Lucky Star Pilchards. Lucky Star canned pilchards have been a favourite South African brand for over 50 years. With the leading market share in the South African market, Lucky Star canned pilchards are available throughout Southern Africa.


Our pilchards are caught in large quantities by specialised fishing vessels operating close to the shoreline. Our vessels employ the highly efficient purse-seine fishing technology, which ensures optimal yields of quality and quantity.


Our Pilchards are harvested by a fleet comprising both steel and wooden hulled vessels, according to strict government quotas. The pilchard biomass varies constantly with changing regional and global weather conditions, fluctuations in biological and environmental conditions, and changes in sea temperatures and variations in plankton concentrations. Oceana has earned and qualifies for a substantial share in the long-term fishing rights granted in South African and Namibian waters.


Our pilchards are kept in refrigerated holds, in cold sea water, or on ice as they are transported back to the factory either directly by vessel or by a combination of vessel and refrigerated road transport. In order to ensure optimum freshness, yields and quality; the cleaning, processing and canning is all done in the shortest time possible of the vessels arriving at the quayside.


Cannery personnel manage automated processes of cleaning, heading, tailing and gutting the fish. The fish are automatically put into cans and subjected to a double cooking and sterilisation process. This ensures cooked-in freshness, product safety, excellent taste and shelf life. (All Lucky Star production facilities in both South Africa and Namibia are HACCP compliant.)


During the canning process each can is marked with a predetermined code to ensure traceability throughout its progress in the value chain. The cans are labelled with the well-recognised Lucky Star label and packed in customer-friendly outer multiples using the most modern shrink-wrapping technology.


In addition to the most stringent in-house testing procedures, all batches of canned pilchards are sampled and tested independently by the South African Bureau of Standards against set organoleptic and microbiological standards before being allowed onto the supermarket shelves.


The marketing infrastructure of Lucky Star canned pilchards allows the most comprehensive distribution and warehousing in Southern Africa, exposing the product to consumers universally in all regions and in every trading sector.


Lucky Star canned pilchards are delicious hot or cold and, because they have already been cooked in the can, it is only necessary to reheat them before serving.


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